Workplace conflict – as well as being unpleasant and stressful for those involved, if left unaddressed, can be very costly to a business.  It often takes people’s focus away from their day-to-day job, can result in employees leaving, or can even result in an employment tribunal claim being made.   

Although workplace conflict can present itself in varying forms, and many businesses often have formal policies and procedures in place to deal with disputes, such as a grievance policy, some situations are better suited to resolving matters in a less formal approach.  For example, a clash in personalities would be difficult to resolve using a grievance procedure. 

The good news is Rasilimali People Uganda Ltd can assist by providing a qualified workplace mediator to take you through the process.  Workplace mediation is an increasingly popular approach used as a way to mend relationships when there is a disagreement at work – it is used as an alternative way of resolving workplace disputes. 

It is voluntary and confidential.  It is not a legal process and the mediator’s role is not to make a judgement on who is right or wrong.  The mediator helps all parties understand the issues involved and works to clarify the options available, with the aim of reaching an agreement that suits both sides and resolves the conflict.  Please get in touch to find out more on how the process could work for you.