Aimed at encouraging an adaption of a healthy lifestyles and wellbeing, Rasilimali People wellness program is designed to improve the health and performance of employees, understand how to engage, educate, excite and motivate them to take personal responsibility for their health and make sustainable changes.

A healthy workforce has a direct effect on the overall performance of an organization. It is an aspect of health cost management that focuses efforts on maximizing an employee’s general health and a decision a person makes to move toward optimal health.

Rasilimali People Wellness Programme, in addition to tackling the eight risks and behaviors, the program aims to address mental, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual wellness and create opportunities to learn and build support systems for employees’ co-existence and wellbeing. We are doing this starting with our own employees and working closely with various health and wellness experts.

We have particularly incorporated mental wellness in our wellness programme because mental health disorders attributes to significant number of indirect deaths through suicide and self-harm. Suicide deaths are strongly linked — although not always attributed to — mental health disorders.  Mental health has an impact on physical health and vice versa. We believe that by providing health information to individuals we are helping them improve their wellness whether mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually.